Dominique Nicole
Hi! I'm Dominique Nicole,

Your wingwoman guiding you to the clarity you need to move forward, the courage to break free from stuck, and the confidence to show up as your best self to help you power through your divorce... and free your soul!




Divorce recovery expert, certified divorce coach,author, women’s advocateentrepreneur, speaker and two time divorce survivor.

I am dedicated to helping women become their best self during and after their divorce with no regrets and without money wasted in the process.


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    Are you feeling angry, hurt, depressed and playing the self blame game? (I’VE BEEN THERE)

    Do you feel your life is spiraling out of control? Is your career suffering? Do you have to go back to work and have no idea where to begin? Are you putting important tasks or avoiding paperwork?


    Do you fear what the future holds for you? Are you concerned about the effects of divorce on your children? Do you fear being alone forever? Has your confidence taken a major hit?

    Will your divorce be collaborative or contentious and do you know the difference? Do you wonder if you even need an attorney?

    ARE YOU UNSURE OF WHERE TO EVEN BEGIN? You’re in the right place and I am so glad you found me!



    Do you want to know what’s harder?

    Going about it blindly and alone with only the support of biased friends and family… and a very expensive attorney..

    My life’s trajectory changed swiftly…. the moment I decided that only I could be responsible for my own happiness and a life worth living.


    When I was tired of living in and staying stuck, out of fear.

    When I came to the realization that we both deserved happiness and that we could not find it together anymore.

    My life’s trajectory changed swiftly…. the moment I decided that only I could be responsible for my own happiness and a life worth living.

    The moment I was reminded of the woman I was at my core.  When I realized that my kids were watching what marriage looked like.

    One day I finally pulled my big girl pants up and with very little money chose to “free fall” and trust in something bigger.  And I filed.

    “My mission is to empower woman to break free from judgement, old stigmas and beliefs, toxic thinking and wounded behavior to become a grown ass woman that leaves nothing of true value on the table both in the courtroom and in her next life’s chapter”



    I do what I do so that I can show you the way too… Work With Me

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    Goal Setting

    Action Plans Personally Created For Your Busy Lifestyle, And Fit Into Your Unique Circumstances.

    Relationship Coaching

    1 on 1 Strategy Sessions Curated Towards Building A Stronger Relationship. 

    Divorce Coaching

    I Am A Two Time Divorce Survivor! What Does That Mean For you? I’m Here To Work With You Though Your biggest Challenges.

    Financial Advice

    Let’s Relieve The Stress Of A Financial Burden By Evaluating And Creating A Plan. Everything From Attorney Costs, To Real Estate.

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